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Brow Mapping Thread


MATERIAL: Natural Silk+Bamboo-Charcoal


LENGTH: 10 metres

Mapping String is pre-marked with hypoallergenic, detoxifying bamboo charcoal. It is durable, disposable and safe for skin. A built-in cutter lets you get the correct string length quickly and easily.
Our inked string is the thinnest string possible for surgical precision. Now mapping the face is easy and accurate. Versatile for any artistic style! Compatible with any brow mapping tool. The preinked brow mapping string helps enhance accuracy of many cosmetic procedures such as areola, scalp, eyes, eyeliner. A must-have product for cosmetic tattoo artists, salons, beauty schools and professionals.
Pre-inked mapping thread helps you create beautiful bespoke brows for your clients by making the pre-draw process quicker and more precise than ever.

A must have for any beauty professional!

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