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Brow Shaping & Design Training is an intensive ONLINE COURSE with online interaction with your teacher.

You’ll learn a multi-level approach to eyebrow design that consists of precise brow measurements, to suit an individuals eye and face shape, how to balance and re create brows etc. that will give you all the needed skills in relation to the most important eyebrow design approaches.

Duration:  Online – up to 3 months

Certificate:   Certificate of Attainment

Course Cost:  $350.00


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Course Outline:

Advanced Eyebrow Sculpting - Theory & Practical

•             Client consultation

•             Contraindications and after care advice

•             Face-shaping analysis

•             Eyebrow make up application

•             Theory and Application of Hot and Strip Wax

•             Hair growth cycle

•             Strip waxing

•             Hot Wax              

•             Eyebrow Tinting

•             Eyebrow Shaping & Sculpturing

•             Hygiene, Sanitation and Safety

•             Contraindications to Waxing and Tinting

•             Preparing the client for service

•             Preparing work area for service

•             Providing aftercare and homecare advice


The course will cover the theory and the practical requirements to perform Eyebrow waxing, Tinting, Stenciling and Brow make-up. Theory work will be completed through online manual.


Entry Advice:  There are no pre-requisites for entry to this course.

Entry requirements:  There are no entry requirements to this certificate.

Student Practical Work: Students will have practical hands on via video and image upload, this will be completed throughout the duration of the course.