Lash Cure Mist


The Lash Cure Mist cures adhesive in 30 seconds, eliminating additional exposure to adhesive fumes, and leading to better retention. Curing the extensions changes the liquid adhesive into an inert, solid state, eliminating off-gassing, and securing adhesive bonds before your clients walk out the door.

After using the Lash Cure Mist, lash extensions can get wet right away—that means no more waiting 24 hours to swim, workout, or shower!

LASH CURE MIST greatly reduces sensitivities and allergic reactions by immediately eliminating adhesive fumes. 

+ Single AA battery operated

+ Easy ON/OFF button

+ Soothes eyes after appointment

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Filling the bottle:

  1. Slide off the back cover, and fill the small tank with distilled water bottle included.
  2. Securely replace back cover.
  3. Gently sway the mister to clear any bubbles.


  1. Before the client has opened their eyes at the end of an appointment, press the ON button on the Lash Cure Mist, and hold 20-30cm from client’s face.
  2. Move mister back and forth between client’s eyes in a figure 8 or W pattern for 30 seconds.
  3. To soothe irritated eyes, have your client open their eyes after the initial curing, and mist to open eyes for an additional 30 seconds.


  • After use - Do not leave water in the mister overnight. Empty reserve and let the tank air dry overnight. Fill each day with fresh distilled water.

  • The machine isn't producing mist (or is too light of a mist), the battery may be low and needs replacing.

  • If water beads build up, or dust on the mist opening, clean with Q-tip.

  • Cleaning the Mister - The water tank should be cleaned with a soak (accel TB, IPA, etc) routinely.